Footvolley The sport

Footvolley is a new sport where the technique, strength, agility, accuracy and team spirit are key attributes in this spectacular sport.
It is performed in a beautiful natural environment - the beach.
There is a major transfer between soccer and footvolley, that’s why there are so many ex-football players practicing the sport.
Footvolley is here to stay!

Footvolley History

The footvolley is a sport created in Brazil. It was during the 60s of the last century on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro where was played the first games of the sport. Later, in the 80s, the footvoley arrived in Portugal.
It was in Póvoa de Varzim that the sport was introduced to the local youth by the Portuguese emigrant who had recently returned from Brazil, Mr. Julião Neto.
In Albufeira the footvolley first matches took place in Praia dos Pescadores. It was in the end of the 80s that known local footballers started the sport. Since those early days the game as grown, having been founded the National Footvolley Federation by a second generation of players from Albufeira.
These are the arguments that explain the historical reasons for the fact that, nowadays, those two cities as the majority of the athletes of this sport in Portugal.
The fact is that the sport in growing amazingly in a national and international perspective.

Footvolley Champions

It was in 2006 that all started, the first national meeting of the best athletes of the sport, where the title of national champion was played between athletes from Póvoa de Varzim, Figueira da Foz and Albufeira.
Since then the sport has grown, it has become known, with big media coverage, attracting spectators and young athletes. The national championship has never stopped since, overtaking already a decade of events.
Here we highlight the champions who conquered the history of the sport.